Enervana Technologies LLC
Advanced Metal-Based Microscale Devices and Systems





Welcome to Enervana

Company information — Enervana Technologies LLC (Enervana) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a technology-oriented start-up company based on a decade of research carried out at Louisiana State University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (LSU ME). Enervana was founded in November 2008 in Baton Rouge,Louisiana. Through cutting-edge technology and sound business practices, Enervana intends to become a market leader for metal-based microscale devices and systems.

Company Innovation — One initial product focus will be for cooling of microelectronic modules. Due to dramatic growth in module-level heat output, intense current interest exists for advanced cooling technologies. It is recognized that conventional forced air cooling will be insufficient for the more integrated, higher performance chips. Alternative, high-efficiency, cooling technologies have become a must-have for the next generation personal and mainframe computers. We aim to have our low-cost, high-performance, metal-based, microchannel cooling products take a leading position in this market

Company Strengths — The core competency of Enervana Technologies is products for low-cost micro fabrication, micro joining, assembly, and device/system performance testing. This core technological competency is based on over ten years of R&D, evidenced by a series of publications in leading archival technical journals in the field, protected through an intellectual property (IP) portfolio consisting of issued and pending U.S. patents, and continuously strengthened through new technology disclosures and new patent applications. Enervana Technologies possesses patent-protected, unique capabilities in the manufacturing of metal-based microdevices.